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How To Use Aspect-Ratio CSS Property In Responsive Web Designs?

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March 16, 2021

Being web developers, we are hardly satisfied by the dimensions of our elements on the web page. What if I could increase that image width to 30px more? Or maybe 20%? Deciding the final width at the end now requires us to adjust the height as well! What if multiple elements were to be adjusted according to the new values like in a CSS-grid or subgrid structure? This is where the CSS aspect ratio comes into play.

The aspect-ratio is extremely important given the effect a UI has on the end-user. The aspect-ratio is always a measured property that needs adjustments and careful scrutiny. It had become frustrating to waste a lot of time just to adjust an element to look perfectly on multiple devices with time. With the recent trends in web development, there has been an increase in the complexities of the project. A small change in a single element’s dimensions can cause a ripple effect on the complete web page.

Thankfully, CSS developers have introduced a new…

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