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How to Use Cypress in Headless Mode

In General
September 15, 2023

Tests are often carried out on real browsers to test the actual user experience. This approach ensures that the web application or site is examined in the real-world environment it is intended for, enabling testers to identify and address any issues that may impact user satisfaction and functionality. Testing on real browsers helps detect discrepancies that might not be apparent in simulated or emulated environments, ultimately leading to a more accurate assessment of the user experience.

However, running tests on a real browser can be slow because the browser needs to start up and load each web page before the tests can run, which can take a significant amount of time.

Additionally, running tests on a real browser can consume a lot of memory and other system resources, slowing down other processes and making the test environment less stable. This is why many developers opt to use headless browsers, which can simulate the behavior of a real browser without actually running the…

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