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How to use JAR file in JMeter

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July 08, 2019

When developing tests, it is often necessary to write code in the tests themselves. This code might be long, it might be repeated in several tests, or might be written only for a specific test. Also, the code written in the tests might have to change or be supplemented if the requirements change.

This can take a long time and is prone for errors. Suppose that we have 20 Apache JMeter™ tests in which the same code is written and at some point in time we decide to make changes to this code for all 20 tests. Changes must be made in each test. To get rid of such routine work, we can call codes to tests from a JAR file (JAR file is Java Archive).

The code that will be used in the tests that describes the test methods is written in the development environment (for example, IntelliJ IDEA ,Eclipse) only once, a JAR file is created and only the call of the required code and the test request is performed in the tests themselves. We do not need to write the code directly in the…

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