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Importance of Kubernetes and the Need for Tainting Nodes

In General
December 07, 2023

Kubernetes as a container orchestration system helps us in managing and automating our workloads by helping us scale our containerized applications. All these applications have specific purposes and requirements depending on the use case. In this scenario, it becomes important to be able to control where we’d want our pods to run.

In such cases, you could take a look at taints and tolerations in Kubernetes. A taint is simply a key1=value1:taint-effect pair that you’d apply to a node with the taint command. Here, the taint-effect is the particular effect that you’d want your taint to have.

Now, for a pod to match this taint, it’ll need to have a toleration field in its specification with the following values:

  - key: key1
    operator: Equal
    value: value1
    effect: taint-effect

Hence, only those pods which have the toleration with the same key1,value1 pair in its specification will be deployed on the tainted node.


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