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Introduction to LangChain

In General
November 15, 2023

LangChain is a new library written in Python and JavaScript that helps developers work with Large Language Models (or LLM for short) such as Open AIs GPT-4 to develop complex solutions.

Under the hood, its capabilities can be categorized into three primary domains:

  1. LangChain Introduces a unified API designed for seamless interaction with LLM and conventional data providers, aiming to provide a one-stop shop for building LLM-powered applications.
  2. A comprehensive toolkit that formalizes the Prompt Engineering process, ensuring adherence to best practices.
  3. Interaction with LangChain revolves around ‘Chains’. Simply put, they provide a way to execute a sequence of calls to LLMs and other components to generate a complex interaction.

We will demonstrate some of LangChain’s capabilities by developing a simple chat application that answers questions about the book “The Four Corners in California” by Amy Ella Blanchard, which we got from the Gutenberg…

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