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James Bach on Questioning the Norms of Software Testing

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February 26, 2024

Speed and agility reign supreme in software development. However, this drive can sideline the role of testing: Bugs slip through the cracks, security vulnerabilities go unnoticed, and user frustrations mount. Amidst this turmoil, James Bach stands as the voice of reason—and dissent. From his unconventional beginnings as a computer salesman to his rise as an authority in the testing field, James shares his journey in the industry and the necessity for testers to challenge the norm.

Edited transcription

James Bach doesn’t fit the mold of the typical software tester. A self-proclaimed “proud high school dropout,” his journey defies convention. Starting as a teenager programming video games, he got his first job as a computer salesman. “I never managed to sell a single computer and I broke one computer,” he recalls. Yet, James’ self-taught knowledge of assembly language landed him a job in software development by one of the store’s clients, despite lacking any…

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