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Kubernetes Health Checks: A Guide to Probes

In General
October 04, 2023

As we journey through the rapidly developing field of digital technology, ensuring the health and resilience of your applications has become not just an option but a necessity—especially when managing complex infrastructures such as Kubernetes.

Kubernetes, the industry-leading container orchestration tool, offers mechanisms to implement robust health checks for your applications. These checks, termed “probes,” act as guardians of your application’s well-being, continuously monitoring the health status of your pods and their hosted applications. This provides a more streamlined, automated, and reliable system.

Why Should You Monitor Application Health?

Monitoring your application’s health is crucial for maintaining system stability, efficiency, and user satisfaction. No application is immune to potential errors or issues—whether it’s unexpected server downtime, performance bottlenecks, a sudden influx of user traffic, or unpredictable runtime errors….

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