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[LambdaTest Spartans Panel Discussion]: What Changed For Testing & QA Community And What Lies Ahead

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December 25, 2022

The rapid shift in the use of technology has impacted testing and quality assurance significantly, especially around the cloud adoption of agile development methodologies. With this, the increasing importance of quality and automation testing has risen enough to deliver quality work.

Fundamental changes within the testing and quality assurance community have immensely impacted testers and quality assurance professionals. Henceforth, staying updated about these changes and having a good understanding of future trends will help you to stay ahead of time and develop a better insight into the methodologies.

We’re sure you would have many questions about this topic and are eager to understand future predictions in the testing and QA field.

LambdaTest hosted a webinar where Manoj Kumar, VP-Developer Relations & OSPO at LambdaTest, invited the LambdaTest Spartans, a team filled with QA industry experts and thought leaders, to attend a panel discussion on automation testing…

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