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Leveraging eBPF for DevSecOps

In General
March 11, 2024

eBPF is a revolutionary technology originating from the Linux kernel. It is used to safely and efficiently extend the kernel’s capabilities without requiring changing the kernel source code or loading kernel modules/extensions.

Today, eBPF is used extensively to:

  • Provide high-performance networking and security in modern data centers and cloud-native environments
  • Extract fine-grained security observability data at low overhead
  • Provide insights for performance troubleshooting
  • Provide preventive application and container runtime security enforcement

eBPF-Enriched Context

eBPF is the base data layer that is needed in runtime cloud security. eBPF gives you information at a high level on Layers 3, 4 and 7, allowing you to see all network communication and correlate it with processes and specific applications that are communicating on those ports.

To fully leverage eBPF, you need to pair this raw data with additional cloud infrastructure context to gain a full understanding of which resources…

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