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Midjourney: The AI That Won Over Humans

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May 10, 2023

Art-generating artificial intelligences such as Midjourney, are transforming the world of art. With the rise of AI-powered tools that can create music, paintings, and even some level of animation, the role of artists is being redefined. For centuries, art has been seen as a uniquely human endeavor, requiring creativity, imagination, and emotional intelligence. However, recent advances in machine learning and generative algorithms have given rise to a new generation of artificial intelligence that can mimic many of these human attributes.

As we saw in our article focused on DALLE, AI-generated art is not new, but the sophistication and popularity of these tools have grown exponentially in recent years. From portrait-generating algorithms to computer-generated music, machines are creating works that are increasingly difficult to distinguish from those made by humans. Some experts predict that AI-generated art will soon be indistinguishable from human art and that we will soon see a…

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