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Modern operations: five foundational pillars

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September 03, 2020

So, you’ve invested in the cloud. Most systems and applications are now built there or have moved there. Yet you’re still not moving as fast, far or cost-effectively as you’d like. If this sounds familiar, you probably need to start modernising operations.

Today, many operations engineers find themselves in a challenging position. They must contend with developers evolving products at a heightened pace, while pressures on system security and stability are greater than ever. Unless the organisation has invested in DevOps, they simply don’t have adequate processes, tools or capabilities to meet the demands of the digital age.

This can cause friction between operators and developers. The business can’t adapt to customers’ evolving needs fast enough because operations becomes a bottleneck on every new initiative. At the same time, the business is at risk if it can’t adopt the latest measures to maximise security and resilience.

Cloud-based systems and…

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