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Navigating Passkeys: Challenges, Pitfalls and Considerations for Developers

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December 01, 2023

Earlier this year, the FIDO alliance announced the launch of passkeys, a much anticipated, passwordless authentication factor many consider the long-awaited death knell of passwords.

In many ways, it is. Already, the tech sector’s biggest players have jumped on board, with Apple, Google and Microsoft all announcing support for passkeys in their latest products. And general corporate enthusiasm for a password alternative has never been higher – over 90% of businesses say they will transition to passwordless authentication at some point in the future.

Yet, the path to a fully passwordless future isn’t as quick or trouble-free as we might like to think. In the way are issues of user experience, interoperability and inconsistent technical implementation – all of which could thwart the frictionless, passwordless dream passkeys promise.

While passkeys can dramatically improve the security and UX of authenticating users to applications, there’s a lot that still rests on the…

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