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Omnichannel and Contactless Payment Solutions with WorldNet Payments

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December 04, 2020

On this episode of The DroidDevCast podcast, Esper Platform Evangelist Rin Oliver spoke with Conn Byrne, Senior Vice President of Sales, North America and Europe at Worldnet Payments. Throughout the conversation, they touched on WorldNet’s history in the payment industry, the evolution of contactless payment solutions, and what solutions businesses can put in place to ensure that their own kiosk and retail offerings are leveraging the full capabilities and security of contactless payment solutions. 

Defining Omnichannel Payment Solutions

Founded in 2007, WorldNet’s focus was initially that of the e-commerce space, particularly back-office tokenization, recurring payments, and digital transactions. With the evolution of card-based payments evolving from swiping to a chip-based system, WorldNet saw an opportunity to develop and certify contactless devices in the US market. This left WorldNet in, “A unique position,” Byrne explained, adding that, “We had the…

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