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Plans to Add AOSP Devices to Your Fleet? Esper’s Got Your Back

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April 20, 2021

At Esper, AOSP devices are some of our favorite devices to work with. We’ve previously talked about choosing between GMS and non-GMS devices for your dedicated Android device. When we say AOSP, we mean devices that do not come with Google Mobile Services (GMS) and run open source Android. If you have decided to choose the AOSP route for your project, you will be glad to know that Esper is one of the few solutions in the market that is fully functional on AOSP devices.

Why is AOSP a big deal?

Traditional device management platforms utilize the APIs provided by Google in their Google Mobile Services (GMS) suite of apps to enroll devices onto their platform. While this is convenient, it cannot be used to enroll AOSP devices, since they do not include Google apps within their operating system. This eliminates three of Esper’s most popular methods of enrollment: 6-Tap QR Code, Android for Work (AfW) and Google Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE). However, it is possible to load the…

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