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Playwright vs Selenium vs Cypress: A Detailed Comparison

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January 12, 2023

With multiple testing frameworks available, choosing which is best for your product becomes more challenging. While various testing tools are available in the market, Selenium has been a well-established player for quite some time.However, newer automation testing frameworks such as Cypress and Playwright have recently provided Selenium with serious competition. I have used Selenium and Cypress, and recently started using Playwright.

Every tool/framework has its pros and cons. When I switched from Selenium to Cypress, I found that Cypress was speedy and less flaky compared to Selenium. I saw test cases that had previously taken a long time and resulted in a failure, now executed well in the local environment and the CI/CD pipeline.

Playwright, comparatively a newer entrant in the market, is an open-source framework primarily used for end to end testing. Built by Microsoft, it supports prominent languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and more. It comprises features and…

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