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Pulumi Embeds Terraform Conversion Tool in Platform

In General
June 15, 2023

At its virtual PulumiUP event, Pulumi this week announced it embedded an ability to convert instances of Terraform into its infrastructure-as-code (IaC) platform via a simple command line interface (CLI) command. In addition, Pulumi added a Review Stacks capability that automatically creates a dedicated cloud environment to review code every time a pull request is opened.

Pulumi is also making available a beta release of Pulumi Azure Native Provider 2.0, which decreases the size of the software development kit (SDK) by 60%. This is part of an effort to improve deployment times and reduce resource consumption by, for example, removing support for deprecated application programming interfaces (APIs).

Finally, Pulumi has added support for property names and values to Resource Search for Pulumi Cloud, a search and analytics tool for cloud computing environments. DevOps teams can now additionally search for instances of, for example, versions of databases or specific availability zone as…

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