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Run Espresso on pCloudy using pCoudy Utility

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October 23, 2019

Espresso is a testing framework for Android which automatically synchronizes your test actions with the UI of your app. It also lets the test wait until all the background activities have finished.

The pCloudy utility uploads your Application APK, test APK and other APK files to pCloudy. It will then acquire a device to run your test on, execute those tests and report back the status and test report.

In pCloudy you don’t have to set up the environment. Just follow these simple steps.

After the test cases are run you can see the detailed reports. Once automation ends, the device under test will be released automatically so that you or other users can use it later.

There are two ways you can execute espresso test cases. Here are the steps for both

1. pCloudy UI Dashboard
a. In pCloudy UI there is a section called Automation where you will find multiple automation frameworks integrated to the platform.
b.Select the Espresso automation and to fill in the required details.


c. pCloudy Support…

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