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Scraping Dynamic Web Pages Using Selenium And C#

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March 29, 2021

Today’s websites are a lot different from yesteryears, where content on a majority of the websites is dynamic in nature. The content in dynamic pages varies from one user request to another based on the website visitor’s actions. Selenium, the popular test automation framework, is useful for testing dynamic web pages, but it can be extensively used for scraping dynamic web pages.


Though there are many tools for scraping static web pages, Selenium is one of the preferred tools for scraping large volumes of data (e.g., images, links, text, etc.) in a relatively short amount of time. We have chosen C# – the popular backend programming language for demonstrating dynamic web page scraping. As per Stack Overflow Survey 2020, C# holds the sixth position in the preferred programming languages category.

In this Selenium C# tutorial, you would be in a comfortable position for scraping dynamic web pages and extracting the meaningful information (from the…

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