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Scrimmage for Control: On-Premises Vs. SaaS in the Observability Super Bowl of 2024

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February 09, 2024

Observability means data. It encompasses a set of practices and tools designed to track the performance and health of software applications, providing insights into the “why” behind system behaviors, not just the “what.” At its core are data pillars we’ve learned how to work with and hopefully get the most out of—metrics (quantitative data on system performance), logs (recorded events within the system) and traces (detailed views of request paths through the system) that offer a comprehensive view of the system’s operation in real-time. SaaS is where the industry has been turning towards for the past decade. It’s easy to operate and upgrade and takes away maintenance and manpower requirements.

But, using a SaaS solution where data is stored on the vendor’s infrastructure can be compared to playing a football game at your opponent’s home field. Your team does not own the field and must play along with conditions that are outside their comfort zone. While your team…

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