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Six Mainframe DevOps Predictions for 2023

In General
February 24, 2023

DevOps, or the automation of application development and hand-off to operations, is more prevalent than ever on the mainframe. As we begin 2023, below are six predictions for what the coming year will bring. The composite themes will undoubtedly be speed, alignment and experience.

1. Enterprise DevOps Will Break Down Silos Across Core Systems

DevOps practices will continue to expand beyond cloud and distributed systems to include more core systems than ever before. Core platforms, including the mainframe, are the functional backbone of mission-critical applications that drive the world economy. In a recent IDC survey, 82% of organizations reported taking steps to prioritize using the same application development tools across distributed and mainframe teams. 2023 will continue to see a rise in enterprise DevOps that will bring down the silos between platforms. As core system workloads increase, organizations will see the benefit of aligning platforms such as mainframe and distributed…

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