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The Fallacy of Continuous Integration, Delivery and Testing

In General
April 20, 2023

We know that continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) have become a DevOps best practice. And many have learned that by adding continuous testing (CT), they can create a virtuous loop, ensuring perpetual code quality and security. They’re not wrong.  Yes, testing continuously is good practice, but some incorrectly equate the concept of continuous with monitoring, thinking they’re able to see everything that could eventually affect a customer’s experience (CX) with their software application. That’s a fallacy. Many of the most glaring blind spots that wreak havoc on CX exist outside the environment that CI/CD/CT is able to “see.” CI/CD/CT, even when supported by application performance monitoring (APM), doesn’t and cannot monitor for and alert to blind spots across the internet stack. And there are many. Only internet performance monitoring (IPM) can take CI/CD/CT as input streams and shift to continuous resilience as a measurable outcome.


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