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The Frontiers of AI: Interview with Ben Evans

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September 21, 2023

In a recent interview for Apiumhub, Ben Evans, renowned software architect, expert in JVM technologies, and principal engineer at Red Hat, shared his views on the current challenges and potential problems that artificial intelligence (AI) could face in the near future.

As a figure heavily involved in the world of software architecture, Ben’s opinions are weighty, and his analysis sheds light on some critical issues that AI is facing or is about to face.

In this article, we delve into Ben Evans’ interview, where he discusses several challenges that, according to him, LLMs (such as, for example, ChatGPT) are going to face regarding costs and sustainability, accuracy, downtime, data ownership, narrowly focused models, or feedback loops.

The challenges for AI according to Ben Evans

Costs and sustainability

“CHATGPT alone could cost about $700,000 per day to operate.”

According to Ben, the substantial costs associated…

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