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The Importance of Parallel Testing in Selenium

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February 23, 2021

Testing solutions have become more scalable with the advancement of technology, easing organizations’ move from manual testing to Selenium test automation. But nothing comes easy. Running multiple tests in parallel is still unscalable for many organizations. They tend to follow conventional, sequential testing methods to deliver A-Class quality assurance demanding high time, efforts, and resources. Organizations are either hesitant to implement parallel testing in Selenium or not adopting it because of their small-sized web applications that aren’t ready for parallel testing. But, somewhere down the line, web applications are bound to expand at every release. So adopting parallel testing will only save it from any obstacle in the long run. Testers should never forget that the Selenium Grid is only to allow them to run parallel test cases.

Let us understand the importance of parallel testing in Selenium and how it is going to help testers in their next release cycle.

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