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The start-up Valley of Death: what it is and how to power through it

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September 24, 2020

It’s a well-known fact that most start-ups fail. What’s less well-known is that most tech start-up failures are caused by the same typical challenges. Facing them with your eyes open can increase your chances of success.

Here at DevOpsGroup, we’re fans of Howard Love’s book The Start-Up J Curve. Love suggests the common belief that business success follows a linear upward trajectory is a root cause of many failures. He says there’s usually a period between starting up and scaling where growth dips before making a recovery.

This dip is the Valley of Death.

You can’t avoid the Valley of Death. It’s an inevitable part of the business development journey. For many tech businesses it marks the start of their demise. But if you know it’s coming and navigate it with skill, the outcome can be more positive. The trick is to emerge quickly, ensuring your business is strong, resilient and ready for exponential growth.

Before we consider how to do this,…

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