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The Strategic Product Backlog: Lead, Follow, Watch and Explore

In General
January 26, 2023

The economic outlook for 2023 suggests many organizations will be leading through a period of resource scarcity as IT budgets are scrutinized and organizational priorities are re-evaluated. For the product manager, smaller budgets and fewer resources place even greater emphasis on ensuring alignment between enterprise priorities and the product backlog.

Many tools are available to help product managers prioritize individual work items at a tactical level for DevOps teams. These models generally seek to quantify some combination of internal stakeholder value and level-of-effort required for developers and DevOps teams to complete. Higher-value lower-effort items rise to the top.

Other strategic factors are just as important in the prioritization process, particularly for products living within a larger enterprise product portfolio and competing for scarce resources. For these, a product manager must understand why a given work item or capability should be given priority and how it…

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