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TOGAF: An Insight into the Enterprise Architecture Framework

In General
November 22, 2023

In today’s fast-paced technology business landscape, organizations face the challenge of managing complexity while remaining agile and competitive. To thrive in this environment, enterprises require a structured approach to align their business strategies, processes, and IT systems. 

This is where TOGAF (the Open Group Architecture Framework) comes into play. It is an enterprise architecture framework that offers a systematic and comprehensive approach to achieving business transformation and sustainable success.

Understanding the concept

TOGAF is not merely a set of guidelines or a methodology; it’s a proven framework that helps organizations design, plan, implement, and govern their enterprise architecture. Developed and maintained by The Open Group, TOGAF provides a structured approach to enterprise architecture, allowing businesses to bridge the gap between business and technology.


Source: https://www.opengroup.org/togaf

Key Components

1. Architecture Development Method…

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