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Transitioning Legacy Systems to DevOps: The XDR Support Paradigm

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November 07, 2023

In today’s rapid and evolving technological landscape, DevOps emerges as a frontrunner in development methodologies, promising agility, efficiency and continuous delivery. While companies are keen to leverage its benefits, the transition from legacy systems can be fraught with challenges. Integrating extended detection and response (XDR) while making this transition can serve as a powerful tool to manage these challenges. In this article, we will delve deep into the potential pitfalls of this transition and explore the remedial measures with the aid of XDR solutions.

The Legacy System Quagmire

Legacy systems are often monolithic, siloed and heavily dependent on older technologies. According to a report by Forrester, a staggering 72% of corporate architectures still run on legacy systems. These systems, while operational, often lack the flexibility and scalability required for a DevOps-driven environment. They can become roadblocks, slowing down processes and becoming vulnerable…

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