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Using Probabilistic Data Structures in Redis

In General
September 21, 2023

Redis is an open-source, in-memory data structure store. You can use Redis as a messaging system, thanks to its support for Redis Streams, Pub/Sub, and lists (which can act as a queue). Although it’s primarily an in-memory store, a spectrum of persistence options are available. Transactions and pipeline capabilities enhance performance for scalable applications. Moreover, Lua scripting, server-side functions, and Redis Modules allow for the extension of Redis functionality.

With Redis, you can also leverage powerful probabilistic data structures like HyperLogLog and Bloom Filter. Probabilistic data structures excel when operations such as counting or membership checks need to be performed over vast amounts of data. These structures are space-efficient and offer a high degree of accuracy. Redis natively supports these data structures, compatible with any Redis client.

This article provides an overview of probabilistic data structures in Redis and demonstrates their use…

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