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Veracode Report Shines Spotlight on Massive Application Security Debt

In General
February 14, 2024

An analysis of more than a million applications published today by Veracode, a provider of a software supply chain security platform, found 42% of applications contained flaws that remained unfixed for longer than a year.

Based on 1,553,022 dynamic analysis scans and 11,429,365 static analysis scans, the report noted that those applications with that level of security debt were found in 71% of the organizations maintaining these applications. Nealy half of organizations (46%) have persistent, high-severity flaws that constitute ‘critical’ security debt. Approximately 63% of applications have flaws in first-party code, while 70% contain flaws in third-party code imported via third-party libraries.

Remediation rates also vary by flaw type. Fixing third-party flaws takes 50% longer, with half the known flaws fixed after 11 months, compared to seven months for first-party flaws.

Collectively, the scan run by Veracode produced 96 million raw static findings, four million raw dynamic…

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