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Webinar: Shift-Left: Accelerating Quality Assurance in Agile Environments [Experience (XP) Series]

In General
December 01, 2023

Agile methodologies guide teams to deliver high-quality products efficiently and quickly in the ever-changing software industry. As the demand for rapid innovation increases, QA in the Agile process becomes pivotal. Therefore, by implementing the shift-left concept, quality assurance tasks are moved earlier in the development lifecycle, challenging traditional testing timelines.

Quality-Driven Development (QDD) is a guiding beacon for improving testing practices in the shift-left revolution. It is a transformative concept, changing how teams or organizations view the connection between quality and development. It’s a mindset that highlights collaboration, proactive testing and shared responsibility for software quality within the development team.

Tune in to our XP webinar featuring Steve, who unravels the intricacies of shift-left and QDD, where he shares practical strategies and real-world experiences, offering a deep dive into how methodologies accelerate quality assurance

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