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Website Scroll Comparison: Locomotive Scroll vs React Scroll Parallax

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May 31, 2023

Libraries like Locomotive Scroll and React Scroll Parallax are used to enhance your website’s scroll performance. You’ve probably seen lovely animations that appear while scrolling down a website and then noticed that it responds with effects, a customized speed, rotation, and translating objects that take effect. Both libraries will be compared in-depth in this article, along with their benefits and drawbacks, as well as practical usage.

After giving you a glimpse of the scroll animations you frequently see on websites, this article’s primary goal is to compare Locomotive Scroll and React Scroll Parallax for you. Upon reading these articles, hopefully you will want to look into Locomotive Scroll and React Scroll Parallax, which are two frequently used scrolling libraries. It may be worth considering discussing the suitability of the two widely-used scrolling libraries, Locomotive Scroll and React Scroll Parallax.

Locomotive Scroll is a JavaScript library that…

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