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What Are Dedicated Devices and Why Do They Matter?

In General
July 24, 2019

“The goal of the machine is to create a setting where the users can get into a state of deep human flourishing—creating work that’s at the absolute extent of their personal abilities”

Davide Dewane

When we talk today about “dedicated devices,” more than likely we may get a few puzzled looks. This is not a term that is frequently used within the industry. Dedicated devices are, in fact also called corporate-owned single-use, or COSU for short.

In today’s digital economy dedicated devices are everywhere. In fact, chances are that you’ve interacted with several already today, whether at your favorite restaurant, grocery store or at the bank. Dedicated devices have become the workhorses of the digital economy.

Let’s talk more about what exactly are dedicated devices – why they’re important and discuss some examples of feature sets and functions that make them unique.

A Brief History, Overview & Definition

Dedicated devices started emerging in the…

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