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What developers need to know about Docker, Docker Engine, and Kubernetes v1.20

In General
December 03, 2020

The latest version of Kubernetes Kubernetes v1.20.0-rc.0 is now available. The Kubernetes project plans to deprecate Docker Engine support in the kubelet and support for dockershim will be removed in a future release, probably late next year. The net/net is support for your container images built with Docker tools is not being deprecated and will still work as before.

What does this mean for you if you use Docker and Kubernetes?

First of all, don’t panic 🙂 Developers can still use the Docker platform to build, share, and run containers on Kubernetes! This change primarily impacts operators and administrators for Kubernetes and doesn’t impact developer work flows. The images Docker builds are compliant with OCI (Open Container Initiative), are fully supported on containerd, and will continue to run great on Kubernetes.

If you’re using Docker, you’re already using containerd. We build Docker’s runtime upon containerd while providing a great developer…

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