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What Is DevSecOps? Combining Development, Security & Operations

In General
November 22, 2020


DevOps has dramatically increased how quickly you can deliver new features to the market. But with this speed comes new security risks—this is where DevSecOps comes into play.

Overview of DevOps & SecOps

DevOps and SecOps have some key similarities. For everyone to have a deeper understanding of other aspects of the project they are working on, both DevOps and SecOps:

  • Emphasize the importance of collaboration
  • Promote the use of cross-discipline teams

This enhanced insight provides team members with a unique perspective that empowers them to:

  • Focus on their tasks
  • Consider how their work will impact the work of teammates

Operational intelligence is a constant concern for the teams as they look to enhance their understanding of each system and its vulnerabilities.

SecOps tools feed teams constant streams of insightful data that empowers them to maintain security standards while achieving continuous compliance. Yes, this intense focus on security can result in slower deployment…

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