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What is new in Selenium 4 ?

In General
May 31, 2021

Selenium has gone through a tremendous evolution since its introduction and that’s the reason today it is the most popular and powerful automation testing tools. The newly released Selenium 4 is creating a lot of buzz and the complete testing community is looking forward to exploring its updated features. Before we dive into Selenium 4, let’s have a brief introduction on its previous versions. Selenium 1 was declared as the free open source automation testing framework in the year 2004 consisting of selenium IDE, RC and webdriver. Whereas, the Selenium 2 released in 2011 consisted of the IDE, Web driver and Grid. The RC server was merged with the web driver, as the web driver facilitated easy automation scripting for the browsers. Selenium 3 was officially released in 2016. One of the most noticeable change in selenium 3 was the replacement of the selenium core with the webdriver backed option, the introduction of the gecko driver and W3C webdriver integration.

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