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Why Esper?

In General
July 08, 2019

Corporate-owned dedicated devices with touchscreens are becoming more ubiquitous than ever. They are used by enterprises to interact directly with customers and workforces. They are networked and deployed across a variety of spaces, channels, and verticals. Common examples include point-of-sale systems, restaurant ordering devices, logistics devices, information displays, self-service kiosks, and more. 

These devices are typically owned and managed by the same engineering teams responsible for developing the apps the devices run. The devices are often in remote locations where app deployment, orchestration, and diagnostics are difficult. Since these are business-critical devices, outages result in either loss of revenue or negatively impacting customer experiences.

Esper Puts the Developer First 

Developers need tools to launch their projects, build test labs with devices, and eventually move out to trials and then into scaled customer deployments. Continuous…

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