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Your Purpose-Built Software Needs The Right Hardware And We Have A Solution

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October 18, 2019

The Android ecosystem offers fantastic hardware for purpose-built software. But with so many options, making the right hardware choices can be tough. Many specialized use cases need the hardware capabilities and design matched to the specific software. Across the plethora of potential designs (kiosk, display, POS, handheld, delivery, healthcare, ruggedized), finding and sourcing the right hardware to use is challenging. 

There are many factors like performance, robust firmware, supported peripherals, apps in the ROM image, form-factor, durability, price point, and more to consider. We often encounter unique and innovative hardware solutions that have been developed to fill specific requirements. However in most cases OEMs, device makers, and peripheral suppliers can readily deliver what’s needed.

At Esper we are more than just your standard management platform. Beyond specializing in Android dedicated device fleets, we are also device geeks who help build innovative…

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