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on Jun 30, 2022
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Containers are a powerful enabling technology for cloud adoption. But they can be difficult to understand if you’ve not worked with them before. This post offers a top-line overview of what they are and what they do. The role of container technology Largescale cloud migration often needs to walk a fine line between ambition and […]

on May 28, 2021
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The Financial Times’ recent special report The Cloud included an excellent article by Nicholas Fearn, How cloud automation is changing IT: repair, replicate and correct. It covered various perspectives on cloud automation and focused on the benefits that online greeting card specialist Moonpig has enjoyed. According to Moonpig’s chief technology officer, Peter Donlon, the business […]

on Mar 2, 2021
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Taking time to develop a directional business case ahead of largescale cloud migration can make a significant difference to the speed of progress and the quality of the outcome. Mass migration to the cloud inevitably involves a lot of decision makers. Some will have a clear idea of the value that cloud computing can bring. […]

on Feb 26, 2021
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Why is cloud spend such a thorny subject for so many organisations? And what can be done to resolve the issues that hinder effective cost management in the cloud? A recent article on ZDNet suggests that cloud computing ‘sticker shock’ is on the rise. Unfortunately, the shock often comes after the transition to cloud is […]

on Feb 5, 2021
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If you have a largescale migration to AWS on the cards, you’ve probably heard of AWS’ Migration Acceleration Program. Designed to help enterprise level businesses coordinate a seamless and effective move to the cloud, it comprises three phases: Assess Mobilise Migrate and optimise Each phase has an important part to play. But the initial assessment […]

on Jan 20, 2021
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To maximise the benefits of cloud computing while optimising costs, a DevOps approach is the best way forward. In this blog post we explain why. Cloud + DevOps accelerates software delivery According to a report from IT analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, using cloud or DevOps in isolation accelerates software delivery by just over 50 percent. […]

on Jan 5, 2021
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A few weeks ago, we blogged about the importance of tech scale-ups focusing on the operational maturity of applications. During rapid growth it’s easy to neglect the underlying infrastructure as energy is directed towards new features that delight customers and users. However, over time, problems can arise if an application’s foundations aren’t strong or sophisticated […]

on Dec 28, 2020
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Events of 2020 accelerated the cloud adoption and digital transformation strategies of many businesses. So, it’s no surprise that our top five blogs of the past year are those that focused on DevOps, technical debt, operational maturity and cloud migration. Our writers offer thoughts and advice on themes that impact scale-ups and enterprise organisations alike. […]

on Oct 19, 2020
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Parallels between manufacturing and software development have led many organisations to adopt lean principles for digital product creation and management. A core feature of lean is reducing waste in production by focusing on value delivery. The idea is that operating more efficiently delivers tangible business benefits, from reduced costs to better employee engagement and customer […]

on Oct 8, 2020
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Learning to make long-term decisions is perhaps the hardest part of the tech scale-up journey. Naturally, you still need to respond and adapt to of-the-moment customer needs. But as you move away from the start-up phase, you also need to place greater emphasis on product and technology planning. Tackling technical debt that could pose problems […]