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on Mar 13, 2024
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A flaky test is a test that produces different results in different runs. It may pass a few times and fail others for no apparent reason. As you can imagine, there are obviously some reasons behind that behavior. Flaky tests are one of the greatest enemies of CI systems because they lead to seemingly random […]

on Feb 21, 2024
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The ultimate goal of HTMX is to provide modern browser interactivity directly within HTML, without the need for JavaScript. Although relatively new, with its initial release in late 2020, this frontend library has quickly caught the attention of the IT web community. With 2nd place in the 2023 JavaScript Rising Stars “Front-end Frameworks” category (right behind React), […]

on Feb 12, 2024
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Your Node.js backend is slow? Speed it up by caching responses and start returning them immediately. This will also drastically increase the number of users who can simultaneously access your site. The problem is that the basic approach to caching in Node.js involves spreading read and write caching operations across the business logic. This leads […]

on Jan 30, 2024
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Ever get lost in the dozens of routes defined by your Express server? When the project grows big, it is common to lose track of the endpoints exposed by your backend. The reason is that the endpoint logic and its association with a route happen in the same place, leading to messy code. This is […]

on Dec 13, 2023
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A common dilemma in any JavaScript project, be it React, Next.js, Node.js or other frameworks, is finding a way to handle constants. Avoiding the problem and simply hard-coded their values into the codebase leads to code duplication and maintainability issues. You would just end up spreading the same strings and values all over your project. […]

on Sep 27, 2023
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Node.js is one of the favorite technologies for developers when it comes to backend development. Its popularity keeps rising and is now one of the main targets of online attacks. That is why it is crucial to secure Node.js from vulnerabilities and threats. In this guide, you will see the 15 best practices for devising […]

on Jul 18, 2023
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In a single-page React Application, routing refers to the process of navigating between different pages without triggering a full page reload. The application initially loads a single HTML page. Then, it dynamically renders different components based on user interaction. Since React does not have built-in routing capabilities, you need to implement it using a third-party […]

on Mar 22, 2023
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As with any other technology, React applications can involve errors. By default, React responds to a fatal error with a blank page. This is not ideal, because users have no way to understand what happened and why. This is a problem for developers because poor error handling affects user experience and the reputation of your […]

on Mar 1, 2023
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A microservices architecture consists of several independent backend services that communicate with each other through APIs. Given the popularity of the microservices approach, chances are that your backend needs to make several API calls to receive data from and send data to other backends. Making an HTTP request to call an API takes only a […]