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on May 1, 2023
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There are several valid reasons to downgrade or rollback an update to an Android app, but the OS doesn’t provide a way to do so without using developer tools. Downgrading an app can cause problems if the app’s data isn’t cleared, but bugs and stability issues aren’t the only problems to consider. Rolling back an […]

on Apr 12, 2023
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Android’s Accessibility API offers a way for developers to build tools that help users with disabilities. The API, for example, enables apps to read the contents of the screen and perform inputs on behalf of the user, functions that are essential to screen readers and alternative input systems. These same functions also enable malware to […]

on Mar 28, 2023
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Android 14 is currently in its Developer Preview phase, so Google hasn’t yet finalized what changes, new features, and API additions will make their way into the stable release. Still, from what we can see in the second Developer Preview release and in the documentation, it appears that Google is planning to revamp the share […]

on Mar 8, 2023
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Not everyone can or even wants to spend money on buying the latest flagship smartphone, but fortunately, there are a lot of low-end and mid-range phones on the market to pick from. These phones trade flagship-tier components for a lower price, and while their performance may be acceptable to the vast majority of users, some […]

on Jan 4, 2023
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With over 14 years of iteration under its belt, Google has had a lot of time to make Android a polished mobile operating system. Google continues to address pain points in the Android experience with each new release, but one aspect that many users still complain about is the share menu. In fact, I’ve seen […]

on Dec 20, 2022
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The world’s biggest tech companies have lost confidence in one of the Internet’s behind-the-scenes gatekeepers. Microsoft, Mozilla, and Google are dropping TrustCor Systems as a root certificate authority in their products. Starting in Chrome version 111 for desktops, the browser will no longer trust certificates issued by TrustCor Systems. The same change is coming to […]

on Dec 19, 2022
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The FIDO Alliance isn’t a fan club for dogs, but a consortium of big tech companies that’s trying to make authentication more secure. The Alliance has a lofty goal: To kill the password and replace it with something better. Enter the passkey. You’ve probably read a blog post or two about it, but you may […]

on Dec 16, 2022
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If you’re looking to track your workouts, count your calories, monitor your sleep, or capture your vitals, there’s no shortage of apps on Android that can help you do those things and then some. Android’s robust ecosystem of health, fitness, and wellness apps makes it easy to find the service that best suits your goals, […]

on Dec 9, 2022
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Earlier this week, Google released another Feature Drop for its Pixel phones. The Feature Drop brought a smorgasbord of new features primarily to the latest phones in Google’s Pixel lineup, but older Pixels also got a taste of something new. Though the Pixel’s latest Feature Drop is its biggest yet, there’s even more to the […]

on Dec 2, 2022
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Thanks to Project Mainline, Google is able to deliver updates to core Android system components through the Play Store. These updates — which are publicly referred to as Google Play System Updates — can fix security issues or introduce new features, and they’re routinely delivered to users on GMS Android devices running Android 10 and […]