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on Nov 7, 2023
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We live in an era where we are surrounded by data that can be harnessed by extracting meaningful insights from it. As quoted by Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web – “Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” If the data is the new oil, web scraping […]

on Sep 22, 2023
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A number of challenges always loom large as the Application Under Test (AUT) undergoes endless cycles of bug fixes and enhancements. As the AUT grows in size and complexity, it will also trickle down on the automated test suite’s stability, reliability, and maintainability. All of this eventually results in intermittent test failures in the CI/CD […]

on Jun 25, 2021
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Web products of top-notch quality can only be realized when the emphasis is laid on every aspect of the product. This is where web automation testing plays a major role in testing the features of the product inside-out. A majority of the web testing community (including myself) have been using the Selenium test automation framework […]

on Jun 8, 2021
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CI/CD enables developers, engineers and DevOps team to create a fast and effective process of packaging the product to market, thereby allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. When Selenium automation testing joins force with an effective CI/CD tool, it does wonders for the product delivery. GoCD is one such open-source Continuous Integration (CI) […]

on May 26, 2021
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In the current software development era, Selenium test automation is extremely important and makes up an inherent part of the software development cycle. It helps to build software that is tested continuously while being developed in the form of separate small individual units and a whole integrated set as well. While Selenium is the most […]

on May 6, 2021
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During the process of Selenium Automation Testing, you would come across a number of scenarios where a decision needs to be taken regarding “What if the test(s) result in a failure?”. If the error (or issue) being encountered is a minor one, you might want the test execution to continue. In case of serious errors, […]

on Apr 27, 2021
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A web product (or website) comprises multiple web elements like buttons, text boxes, checkboxes, menus, sliders, and more. During the process of Selenium automation testing of the website, you can realise specific scenarios by automating low-level interactions such as keypresses and mouse button actions (e.g. click, double click, right-click, etc.) with the WebElement(s) in the […]

on Apr 21, 2021
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Nose2 is a popular test runner in Python that can detect the unit tests in your project and execute them. If you are familiar with unittest – Python’s standard library and prefer the same over other test automation frameworks in Python, then you should have a brief look at Nose2 Python. Nose2 Python is based […]

on Apr 16, 2021
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A challenge that many developers face in Selenium test automation is choosing the right test framework that can help them come up with automated tests with minimal (or no) requirement of boilerplate code. Like me, most of you would have come across test code where a huge chunk of code is written to perform a […]

on Apr 14, 2021
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The majority of the web products use AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), due to which elements on the page are loaded at varying time intervals. This can lead to timing issues when automation testing is performed using the Selenium framework. What if a test is run on a WebElement that is not present in the […]