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on Sep 15, 2023
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Tests are often carried out on real browsers to test the actual user experience. This approach ensures that the web application or site is examined in the real-world environment it is intended for, enabling testers to identify and address any issues that may impact user satisfaction and functionality. Testing on real browsers helps detect discrepancies […]

on Jun 16, 2023
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On web applications, downloading and uploading files are operations we normally do, mainly for activities like banking, social media platforms, etc. In an online banking system, customers may need to upload documents such as income statements, bank statements, or identification proofs as part of a loan application process. Also, banking applications have features from which […]

on Mar 3, 2023
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Before intercepting network requests, one of the main challenges was that it was difficult to debug and diagnose network-related issues. Developers needed more visibility into what was happening with network traffic between a client and a server. Intercepting network requests provides insight into the network traffic generated by the application. Without this capability, troubleshooting issues […]

on Jan 12, 2023
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With multiple testing frameworks available, choosing which is best for your product becomes more challenging. While various testing tools are available in the market, Selenium has been a well-established player for quite some time.However, newer automation testing frameworks such as Cypress and Playwright have recently provided Selenium with serious competition. I have used Selenium and […]