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on May 11, 2023
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It’s been over a decade since DevOps fundamentally changed software development. But the core concepts that traditional DevOps relies on aren’t just for software — applying these principles to hardware is just as important (and game-changing).  What is DevOps?  DevOps is a concept that aligns software development and IT operations teams to build and deliver […]

on May 3, 2023
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Creating a strong brand identity is crucial for standing out and establishing a growing, loyal customer base, especially for industries like connected fitness, remote patient monitoring, or hospitality. But brand recognition doesn’t happen overnight, and getting your brand “out there” can be challenging. Highlighting your logo and messaging as often as possible is an easy […]

on Apr 28, 2023
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RBAC, or role-based access control, enables several meaningful benefits, from enhanced security to simpler account management. This is an approachable access control model for large and small organizations looking to optimize and improve role management. What is RBAC, and how does it work?  RBAC is generally composed of three key components: roles, permissions, and users. […]

on Apr 20, 2023
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Kiosk mode is a way to lock devices to a single app. For iPads used in businesses, this is a way to ensure tablets are only used for the intended purpose. Despite the name “kiosk mode,” it’s designed for various uses, like point of sale solutions, digital signage, and kiosks of all varieties.  Does iPad […]

on Apr 14, 2023
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In a modern business environment, the number of services, apps, and devices in use across departments is nearly immeasurable. This increase in usage means more accounts, which means more passwords. That presents a challenge not only for users but also IT departments as they struggle to keep up with corporate accounts. SSO is the answer […]

on Mar 2, 2023
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The modern supply chain relies on technology to raise efficiency, lower costs, and streamline operations. Supply chain technology is at a point of constant innovation, and keeping up with the latest trends is paramount.  From simple (but effective) innovations like smart barcode scanners to truly mind-blowing advancements like autonomous drones and warehouse robots, there are […]

on Feb 13, 2023
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Of all the industries impacted by technology, healthcare has seen some of the most significant and promising changes, especially where device-based tech is concerned. Everything from electronic health records (EHRs) to improve collaboration between doctors, remote devices for patient monitoring, robots that improve surgeries, or even the use of AI and ML to manage disease […]

on Feb 1, 2023
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In modern warehousing, it’s all about reducing costs and streamlining operations. Innovative approaches to storage, tracking, and data collection are pieces to this puzzle, and putting them together requires technology. Enter the smart warehouse. Buckle up. What is a smart warehouse?  Much like a “smart home,” a smart warehouse integrates technology into key components of […]

on Dec 14, 2022
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Every organization that wants to deploy a large fleet of devices has to make a decision: build your own device infrastructure from scratch, or buy an MDM solution (or similar). Comparing the cost of those options is a logical first step, and MDM pricing makes this relatively simple on paper. The natural way to compare […]

on Dec 13, 2022
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Provisioning is the process of setting up new devices to work in a specific way you define. This is common in many enterprise technology scenarios, especially where dedicated devices like POS systems, kiosks, rugged handsets, and digital signage are concerned.  Esper offers several different methods for provisioning a device. Each has specific benefits depending on […]