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on May 28, 2021
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Accurate automation testing and seamless product delivery are the two major factors that can help build an exceptional product experience. This principle applies to a range of software products like websites, mobile applications, web applications, and more. Every software developer wants the code to be well-tested and well-delivered to the end-user. Though this sounds complex, […]

on Apr 23, 2021
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You might have seen the Core Web Vitals announcement from Google last year, well the update is just right around the corner! Adding page experience as one of the ranking factors is a surefire game changer and one of the first major updates from Google in 2021. This is why a major thrust should be […]

on Mar 13, 2021
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The fact is not alien to us anymore that cross browser testing is imperative to enhance your application’s user experience. Enhanced knowledge of popular and highly acclaimed testing frameworks goes a long way to develop a new app. It holds more significance if you are a full-stack developer or expert programmer. Most developers prefer Java […]

on Mar 2, 2021
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The growth of Smartphones has fueled the comfort for users to replicate actions like shopping, payments, media consumption, etc., that were earlier done on a desktop or laptop. In the USA itself, mobile makes up to 40% of online traffic (2020), and users love the convenience a smartphone offers. Digital devices have become a part […]

on Feb 16, 2021
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The digital consumption over the years has been through a radical change. It’s a revolution that has changed the way people access information over the internet. Of course, with a vertical growth in smartphone users, they are the torchbearers of the digital revolution without any doubt. An increase in mobile usage has upped the game […]

on Jan 18, 2021
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Today everyone is on the internet! As per HootSuite, 321 million users added in 2020 itself, taking the total number of internet users close to 4.4 billion. Now this is almost 60% of the global population that uses the internet. Most of these people use mobile to access the internet, and this number is expected […]

on Nov 5, 2020
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Testing a web page can be a gargantuan task considering all the elements and variables that come together to make a page work. Selenium automation is a great way to overcome these challenges and automate everything you would manually do. For example, Selenium makes it so much easier to take a screenshot using Python instead […]