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on Jan 13, 2021
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Gartner’s annual overview of technology trends for the year ahead is always worth a read. The 2021 edition is no exception. It’s inevitably been influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic and the upheaval businesses continue to face. Yet it also looks beyond the next 12 months, emphasising how this year’s technology trends support the long-term need […]

on Dec 22, 2020
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What are the major blockers to an organisation’s cloud migration? The Flexera State of Cloud Report 2020 lists the 10 top reasons based on their research. In this blog, we’re going to look at things a little differently and give you our top 5 based on our experience over the last 8 years of running DevOpsGroup.   Figure 1 – Cloud Migration Challenges – Source: Flexera State of […]

on Dec 3, 2020
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Recently I was asked the question on LinkedIn: “Where will DevOps be in 5 years’ time?” Let’s explore the topic in more detail in this post. The adoption of Agile Whenever I hear this question the first thing I think about is the adoption of Agile software development. The Agile Manifesto was published in 2001, and the term DevOps was […]

on Nov 23, 2020
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Microsoft recently published its first annual Enterprise DevOps Report. As one of the co-authors, I believe the findings and recommendations are invaluable to any enterprise undertaking a DevOps transformation. I’ve highlighted a few here to provide a snapshot, hopefully encouraging you to download and read the entire report. Central to Microsoft’s recommendations are the results […]

on Nov 20, 2020
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Why use a 3rd party cloud managed services provider (“Cloud MSP”) to help you manage your cloud environments and cloud-hosted applications? In this blog, we’ll explore 5 reasons why migrating to a managed cloud might be the right solution for your business. #1 – Access to wide range of expert skills  “Lack of resources/expertise” is frequently cited as the #1 […]

on Nov 13, 2020
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The A in the CALMS model of DevOps stands for Automation. Automation is the key to reducing “toil”, and the use of advanced automation tools is synonymous with “doing DevOps”.  Toil is the kind of work tied to running a production service that tends to be manual, repetitive, automatable, tactical, devoid of enduring value, and that scales linearly […]

on Nov 10, 2020
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New features, new functionality, new value-adds. Tech scale-ups are under constant pressure to evolve their customer offering and accelerate growth. But the underlying infrastructure and operations need attention too. In fact, the operational maturity of IT plays a vital role in the achievement of business goals.   What is operational maturity? Operational maturity is about […]

on Nov 4, 2020
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In the 7.5 years we’ve been working in DevOps what’s the #1 DevOps Transformation mistake we keep seeing over and over again? The Answer? Rushing into launching an entire DevOps transformation programme before making the case for WHY the “status quo” is no longer good enough.  Most transformation efforts fail It’s no secret that change is hard and most transformation efforts fail. Leading […]

on Aug 26, 2020
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Is technical debt ALWAYS bad? It’s a question we’ve touched on a lot in earlier blog posts. Whether you’re a scale-up CTO or tackling legacy issues at an enterprise insurance organisation, managing technical debt is a challenge.    One model we often refer to is Martin Fowler’s technical debt quadrant. It takes a simple approach […]

on Aug 18, 2020
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Many organisations uncover mountains of technical debt during their migration to the cloud. But what is technical debt and how can DevOps help us deal with it? In this post, we discuss five ways DevOps can turn your technical debt mountain into a molehill!   What is technical debt? Technical debt is the accumulation of sub-optimal […]