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on Sep 14, 2023
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Introduction When working with Azure Functions, one common scenario is importing a file for processing. In our specific case, we encounter an Excel file with thousands of lines that need to be processed, checking the accuracy of values using multiple rules and data sources, followed by sending out notifications. Initially, with a small number of […]

on Aug 22, 2023
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Continuing from Part 1, this article delves deeper into the insights of the talk “Pragmatic Approach to Architecture Metrics” presented by Sonya Natanzon and Vlad Khononov at the Global Software Architecture Summit last year. This second part of architecture metrics focuses on the concepts of integration strength within software development and modularity. Integration Strength Integration […]

on Jul 16, 2023
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In their thought-provoking presentation titled “Pragmatic Approach to Architecture Metrics” at GSAS’22 organized by Apiumhub, Sonya Natanzon, and Vlad Khononov delivered valuable insights. They offered the audience ample food for thought, emphasizing the importance of considering relevant metrics and adopting a pragmatic approach shed light on understanding the objectives of metrics and the need to […]

on Jul 2, 2023
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During the GSAS 2022 conference organized by Apiumhub, Dr. Carola Lilienthal presented an intriguing topic she had thoroughly explored in her book, Sustainable Software Architecture, and also in a chapter in the Software Architecture Metrics book: the Modularity Maturity Index (MMI). This talk shed light on the importance of this metric in evaluating the modularity […]

on Jun 14, 2023
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Last October, I had the opportunity to attend the Global Software Architecture Summit, an event organized by Apiumhub in Barcelona. One of the talks I enjoyed the most during the event was “Metrics for Architects” by Alexander von Zitzewitz, founder and CEO of hello2morrow. During his presentation, Alexander shared several metrics for architects that should be […]

on May 4, 2023
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Last year, Apiumhub organized the Global Software Architecture Summit, a 2-day event that focused on software architecture metrics. During this event, I had the opportunity to attend the talk “Understanding the Differences Between Modularity and Granularity” by Mark Richards, an experienced, hands-on software architect and co-author of the books “Fundamentals of Software Architecture” and “Software […]

on Feb 13, 2023
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On October 3rd and 4th, 2022, Apiumhub organized the Global Software Architecture Summit, an event that reunited over 460 professionals to learn about software architecture metrics. In addition to talks from industry experts, GSAS also featured hands-on workshops where speakers introduced a few topics for discussion. GSAS workshops were useful for debating, brainstorming ideas, and […]