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on May 5, 2021
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CI/CD pipelines are here to stay and contribute tremendously to continuous integration and delivery across all global projects. This article will be a guide to configure, set up builds and tests with “GitHub Actions”, primarily using Selenium WebDriver. This article shall also cover some of the most generic GitHub Actions examples, and user flows. Let’s […]

on Apr 22, 2021
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While there is a huge demand and need to run Selenium Automation Tests, the experts always suggest not to automate every possible test. Exhaustive Testing is not possible, and Automating everything is not sustainable. Let us consider an example of Selenium WebDriver in this article and analyse what Selenium test scenarios are not greatly supported […]

on Feb 23, 2021
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There are various CI/CD tools such as CircleCI, TeamCity, Bamboo, Jenkins, GitLab, Travis CI, GoCD, etc., that help companies streamline their development process and ensure high-quality applications. If we talk about the top CI/CD tools in the market, Jenkins is still one of the most popular, stable, and widely used open-source CI/CD tools for building […]