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on Mar 15, 2024
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Innovation is essential to stay ahead of the competition in the software development world, ensuring the reliability and caliber of the products delivered is paramount. This needs rigorous testing techniques, which necessitates a well-managed and scalable test infrastructure. However, when teams increase and projects expand in scope, the challenges of scaling up test infrastructure become […]

on Nov 2, 2023
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The conventional idea of a “release” has changed in the CI/CD age. Many companies, including enterprise SaaS firms, now deploy code frequently, even daily. However, for large enterprises, frequent major releases can be overwhelming. In the race against time, releases could also lead to potential disruptions to established business processes, which some businesses resist. Continuous […]

on Oct 16, 2023
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As organizations strive to stay competitive and deliver high-quality software to their users, they are turning to continuous testing practices and optimizing their CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipelines to achieve faster feedback loops and enable continuous delivery. Gone are the days when software development was a linear, step-by-step process that took months or even years […]