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on Dec 1, 2023
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Agile methodologies guide teams to deliver high-quality products efficiently and quickly in the ever-changing software industry. As the demand for rapid innovation increases, QA in the Agile process becomes pivotal. Therefore, by implementing the shift-left concept, quality assurance tasks are moved earlier in the development lifecycle, challenging traditional testing timelines. Quality-Driven Development (QDD) is a […]

on Nov 17, 2023
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In the fast-paced world of software development, the pursuit of creating flawless applications is an eternal quest. However, the journey is fraught with challenges, especially when identifying and resolving bugs. Imagine yourself in a dynamic software development setting, where teams are pressured to meet tighter release schedules and work within limited budgets. This often results […]

on Nov 1, 2023
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In the vast expanse of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a towering presence, shaping the digital landscapes of countless applications. However, as developers and testers navigate the complexities of AWS application development, a critical question emerges: How can one ensure the reliability and robustness of these applications in both local environments and continuous […]

on Mar 29, 2023
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Software testing is essential to guarantee the quality and functionality of software products in today’s technologically advanced world. Hence, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest software testing trends and techniques, given the rising demand for software testing experts. Many online resources provide free tutorials, interview advice, and best practices you must follow […]

on Feb 2, 2023
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All software must undergo testing before being made available to users. Software testing is an essential step in the development life cycle since it ensures that users must receive a high-quality product that serves the purpose for which it has been developed. Every business prioritizes testing; thus, most prefer to move from manual testing to […]

on Jan 10, 2023
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As we look back at 2022, we’re proud to highlight some of the biggest milestones and achievements for LambdaTest. We’ve expanded our platform with new features and capabilities and seen tremendous growth in the number of users and organizations that adopted our solutions. We constantly strive to help you automate and accelerate your development and […]