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on Nov 30, 2023
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Christmas is just around the corner and of course, we just can’t miss Advent of Code this year! The Advent of Code is a puzzle “competition” that lasts for 25 days, from December 1st to Christmas Day, with increasing difficulty. We absolutely love it and we are preparing something really special for you!  Without giving […]

on Nov 20, 2023
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We constantly track new initiatives and projects by the Green Software Foundation and ahead of COP27 in November 2022, GSF launched its Speakers Bureau, a comprehensive catalog of speakers in the area of green software. As the organizers of the Global Software Architecture Summit, we recognized the significance of introducing this subject in the forthcoming […]

on Nov 13, 2023
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Staying up-to-date in the world of software development and software architecture is crucial, and reading books is one of the many ways to achieve this. Many software architecture publishers and platforms produce high-quality content related to software development, programming, and software architecture. Here are some of the top software architecture publishers we recommend: Software Architecture […]

on Sep 17, 2023
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As the organizers of the GSAS 2023, we take pride in continuously monitoring new releases of software architecture books to extend invitations to their authors for our event. This year, we are thrilled to announce that several renowned software architects and authors will be gracing GSAS 2023 with their presence to deliver talks or workshops […]

on Aug 27, 2023
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In recent years, there has been an increasing effort to include more female speakers at software development events. Historically, the tech industry has been predominantly male-dominated, but the lack of gender diversity and female speakers has been recognized as a problem. The fear or reluctance among female software developers to speak or participate in events, […]

on Jul 11, 2023
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Innovation and pragmatism are two contrasting approaches in software development, each with its own merits and considerations. Let’s explore pragmatic innovation more in-depth in this article.  Software innovation  Innovation refers to the pursuit of novel ideas, creative solutions, and cutting-edge technologies in software development. It involves pushing the boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and challenging conventional […]

on Jun 27, 2023
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ChatGPT is a trendy topic in all industries, but today let’s discuss the top use cases of this AI tool for developers. It is a long-form question-answering AI from OpenAI that responds to complicated questions. It’s an exciting new technology being taught to understand and respond to questions posed by people. OpenAI launched ChatGPT in […]

on May 25, 2023
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Spain has become quite the hot spot for North European countries to branch out company-wise, especially in terms of software development. Many Nordic Companies outsource software development in Barcelona. Spain has a larger software development market and is known for its expertise in industries such as tourism, finance, healthcare, and technology. Spain has a growing […]

on Apr 24, 2023
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A dedicated team model (also known as a dedicated software development team, or DTM), is a business model that is frequently used in software development outsourcing. Along with time and materials (T&M) and fixed price (FP), the dedicated team is a model of collaboration between the customer and the software engineering provider. By signing the […]

on Mar 30, 2023
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In today’s ever-changing and competitive world, being unique and original is vital, to make you stand out. Custom software development plays an important role in taking your project to the next level. It definitely helps accelerate technology and meet ever-higher customer needs, seeking unique ways to keep up with the trends.  Custom software development gives […]